Android integrates middle ware, operating system and vital apps. Android is very much founded on Linux kernel. The current platform version is Jelly Bean Android 4.2 which was announced in October 2012. Jelly Bean highlights speed, smoothness, graphics and sanctioning of the current apps like Google Now, Google Beam and an improved camera application. The current Android upgrade provides better security, and multi-user support. The Android platform is always facing development upgrades from Google and there have been a lot of updates to the fundamental operating system since its first release. The latest Jelly Bean 4.2 version is the most current, new, modern and better update. The current releases of Android does oftentimes fix bugs problems and issues and appended the current features. Jelly Bean provides better and smoother functions. Many Android users now have switched to the latest version that offers more features and providers users with more usage ease and additional new features.Read More...

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    Android OS application development is a good move for me. Being a developer of Android apps, I found out that more and more people need new apps for the device on a daily basis.


    July 2013